Hello and Welcome to my site!

My name is Lisa Campanaro and I am a Life Coach, a Wordsmith, a Synthesizer and a Metaphysical MacGyver.  I am also a fellow traveler on this space-time continuum.

Life is a journey; it’s the ultimate road trip.  Whether you like it or not, you are always in motion and the scenery is always changing…even when you feel like you’re going nowhere!

Sometimes life is great and we’re rolling along.  The sun is shining and the windows are down.  Life’s a breeze.  We’re so full of glee…until we notice that we’re running on empty with no gas station in sight.  Or our check engine light comes on.  Or we’ve been so busy looking at the scenery that we missed our exit…20 miles ago.  Or we’re just plain lost.

It’s these times that we need to reach out for help.  We’re not supposed to go it alone, and we don’t need to figure it by ourselves either.

I’ve been around the block a few times myself and my intention here is to share what I’ve learned, help you navigate, recalibrate, and be your tour guide!

Let the journey begin 🙂




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